What are my insurance options?

Rest assured, we have two insurnace options. Choosing one of our two options is mandatory to rent from us:

What does the damage deposit cover?

Renters will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle, both exterior (tires and body) and the interior contents while the vehicle is in their possession. It is the renter’s responsibility to thoroughly check the campervan prior to leaving the premises of Nomad HC, for any damage not recorded on the “vehicle condition report”. The report will be reviewed with the customer during the van tour and then emailed to the customer shortly after check-in. We also highly recommend that Renters take time stamped photos as well. Renters authorize Nomad HC to charge the credit card on file for the full cost of damages plus applicable service or potential loss of revenue fees.

What happens in the event of an accident or breakdown?

If it's an emergency, call 911 immediately.

If an accident occurs, please refer to your Rental Agreement and contact us as soon as possible. If the campervan breaks down or requires a tow, please call roadside assistance. If you purchased roadside assistance for your reservation, then you are covered. If you did not purchase roadside assistance, you must still call roadside assistance are cover the cost of the service.

If there is a mechanical failure of an internal component of the campervan, we will do our best to repair the problem via phone support and get you on your way as quickly as possible. We may send someone if we can fix the problem on site and you are within 200 kms of the office.

If there is a catastrophic failure which is no fault of the customer we will re-book the customer free of charge. If a customer does not wish to be re-booked, we will refund the remainder of your trip. If the failure is a result of the customers actions or negligence, the damages will be taken from the customers damage deposit. If the damages are major, the customer will not be permitted another van.

If the issue is a minor inconvenience and the van still operates safely (water leak, electrical issue, heat or AC failure) customers can choose to continue their reservation and Nomad HC will offer a discount for the inconvenience and lack of amenities.

Cancellation and rebooking policy

Nomad HC understands that plans change and unexpected emergencies happen. If you need to cancel, we follow the guidlines of our booking provider (RVezy):

If cancelled by the Renter more than 30 days from the date of rental: The renter will receive a full refund of the deposit that was paid minus the RVezy service fee and its tax applied to the rental amount. The owner's calendar will be unblocked for those dates and they are free to accept another rental. If cancelled by the Renter between 30 days and 8 days from the date of rental: The owner will receive 50% of the rental amount and the remainder will be refunded to the renter minus RVezy’s service fee and its tax applied to the rental amount. The owner’s calendar will be unblocked for those dates they are free to accept another rental. If cancelled by the Renter 7 days or less from the date of rental: The full rental amount will be forfeited and forwarded to the RV owner minus the RVezy service fee and its tax. The owner’s calendar will be unblocked for those dates and they are free to accept another rental. Add-ons, Cleaning Fees, Insurance, Roadside: In the event, a renter needs to cancel a booking, regardless of where they fall within the cancellation policy, all add-ons, cleaning fee, insurance, and roadside charges, as well as the tax applied on those elements will be refunded. If canceled by the Owner at any time: The full amount paid will be refunded to the renter, including all fees and taxes. The owner will not receive any payout.
In response to COVID-19 protocols, owner cancellations for the bookings falling under the COVID-19 policy highlighted in Italics below will be treated the same as any other cancellation and the renter will be refunded in travel credits to be used at a future date. 24 hour Grace Period: Renters are entitled to get a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours of making the first payment and the owner will not receive a payout.
The above applies as long as the time of cancellation is more than 24 hours from the trip start date.
Please note that the 24-hour timeline is strict to the exact time of the first payment.

Can I bring a pet?

Yes! we allow dogs. Since we clean and sanitize each campervan from top to bottom after each use, there’s a small $25 cleaning fee to account for the extra hair, dirt, dander, drool and odor. Any damage such as chewing, scratching, pooping or peeing inside the van or scratching outside of the van is considered damage and will be taken from the damage deposit in addition to the $25 cleaning fee. Dogs are not to be left unattending in the van.

Can I take a campervan to a festival?

We’re festival friendly, keep in mind that we have a strict no-smoking policy

What is the minimum age to rent a campervan?

Renters must be 25 years or older to rent a Nomad HC campervan

What time can I pick up my van? and what time do I return it?

Pick-up will be organized with the customer three days prior to pick-up. IF the van is available, customers can check-in as early as 8am. If the van has a previous booking, the van will be returned between 8-10am. The van can be ready by 12pm but a late pick-up can also be prearranged. Pick-up is bewteen 12-2pm unless otherwise arranged.

Pick-up: 12pm-2pm (possible early pickup if the van is available)

Return: 8am-10am (late returns result in a $50 fee)

Can I rent a campervan for the day?

Day rentals are available during the winter. Day rentals can be picked up at 8am or an agreed upon time. Day rentals must be returned by 8pm or the customer will be charged the nightly rate

How many KM can I drive during my rental?


Without promotion:

All rentals include 300 KM/a day calculated cumulatively over the course of your trip. Pre-Paid Kilometres are available at $0.15/KM in packages (non-refundable). If you go over this amount and did non pre-pay for additional KM’s you will be charged $0.25/KM.

Unlimited kilometers $50 add-on

Do I need to refill the van with gas before I return it?

The campervan will be full of fuel (regular unleaded gasoline) when you pick up. Please return it full. Failure to do so will result in the customer being charged the fuel amount plus a $20 service fee.

What happens if I get a ticket or fine during my rental?

Renters are responsible for all citations, fines and tolls while the vehicle is in their possessions. If Nomad HC receives a citation after the rental, you authorize us to pay the ticket amount on your behalf. Nomad HC is then authorized to charge the credit card on file the fine amount plus a $25 service fee as per our Rental Agreement

Can I rent a campervan in the winter?

Yes! our campervans are insuated and equiped with a gas heater that runs from the vans gas tank. This will keep you comfortable during the harsh winter months. Electric blankets are also availble from our add-on selection

Can I pick-up or drop-off the van in Halifax?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that Halifax pick-up and drop-off is available for trips 7 days or more and require a $200 charge each direction to account for gas, time spent, and transportation back for the delivery driver. Please email us and we will try to workout a delivery plan.